Eshkar delivers meetings and lectures in schools and libraries throughout Israel


The subject can be adjusted upon request. The following are the contents of a sample session:

An experiential and entertaining encounter that provides a personal glimpse of my writing processes: How did I get to my profession? How long does it take to write a book? Where do I write and what are my sources of inspiration? During the meeting, I will tell about the work with various illustrators, give you tips for writing. I'll speak of the subject of fantasy writing which is close to my heart and share exciting experiences from works on and around the books. The encounter is accompanied by a colorful presentation that is rich in examples and images. The meeting is suitable for children in classes 1 to 6.

In addition, there are one-time group writing workshops.

Works with the cooperation of a cultural basket, Pemi premium or privately.

For contact: 053-2458689  sadna [AT] eshkar.com